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CoverThe Healing Island

Robin Hull

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Silver Sea
isbn 9781904246107 rrp 7.99 paperback 256 pages

A few years after qualifying, medic Rob Chalmers travels to the remote island of Laigersay for an interview. He does not mean to stay for long. His prospects in London are very good, and he finds his new employer, Dr Hamish Robertson, gruff to say the least. But Laigersay, the 'healing island', starts to cast its spell over the young man and when he meets the beautiful Fiona, he decides to remain. And then tragedy strikes...

'The Healing Island' was first published in a different and shorter form in The Scots Magazine.


Robin Hull was a general practitioner near Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire before becoming a peripatetic academic teaching General Practice to medical students visiting all the continents and teaching on five of them. He has published several medical books and many articles in the medical press. He founded the General Practitioners Writers Association and for some years was its President. In addition he visited many of the islands of the West Coast of Scotland, sometimes teaching on courses, doing locums or just holidaying with a fishing rod, climbing boots and binoculars. He retired from medicine in 1991 to fish, to garden, to watch, and to write about, birds. His nonfiction titles include Scottish Birds: Culture and Tradition. Robin Hull died in 2020.

'The author's wide knowledge of Scottish birds is put to good use, and his many years as a GP ensures authenticity as he skilfully blends humour, action and romance.'
-- The Scots Magazine

'Beautifully written and imaginative ... There is drama, humour and occasional pathos in this short but powerful book, which can be recommended without hesitation to the seeker after a "good read", relaxation and undiluted literary pleasure. The descriptions of birds and other wild life could only have been written by a very knowledgeable naturalist with a real love of his subject.'
-- Brian McGuinness, The Writer

'To enter the 1960s world of Rob Chalmers is to re-connect, if not with the age of innocence, then certainly with a period when spiritual values played a stronger part in the practice of medicine than is always the case today ... Read The Healing Island for its warmth, its medical insights and for its adventure.'
-- Richard Shelton, Comment