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CoverComing Back to Life

Catherine Hume

sample extract
isbn 9781904246114 rrp 6.99 paperback 128 pages

'Stoke-on-Trent was sleeping off Friday night, but I was ready for anything.'

She's known as Tabitha, she knows she's being watched. Sometimes she knows why, sometimes not. She never holds back from those who need a helping hand, even if it leads her into trouble -- perhaps because it'll lead her into trouble. And things are getting slightly out of hand...

Coming Back to Life takes you into an England you may not have been to, just down the next street, round the next corner...


Catherine Hume was born in Norton-on-Tees in 1980, and moved to Blackpool in 1984. While at school, she worked at open-air markets, danced, acted, painted and played tenor trombone in a brass band. During her time at university, in Stoke-on-Trent, she worked in hotels, fast food joints and then with disadvantaged people. Among her favourite experiences she lists standing on top of Whistler's Mountain, Alberta, sand-yachting and finishing this book.

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'I found the book eminently readable ... It's a book that carries you along non-stop -- a page turner. We begin on the first page with a recognisable everyday set-up that imperceptibly changes into a nightmarish present ... a good read.'
-- Vera Derer

'Riveting ... it's just as if the very smallest kink were made in anyone's England and we'd see things in a totally different way ... not for the complacent ... challenges the committed as well as the apathetic to admit how far they would really go ... I loved it.'
-- Nancy Brown