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CoverSilver Sea

Robin Hull

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also by Robin Hull:

The Healing Island
isbn 9781904246275 rrp 8.50 paperback 256 pages

The Healing Island saw medic Rob Chalmers decide to stay on the beautiful and remote Scottish island of Laigersay. As a result of his marriage, Rob Chalmers has now become the island's laird and lives in a crumbling castle. Still working as a General Practitioner, Rob looks after his patients in life and in death -- but some of the deaths that come his way look odd -- odd enough to arouse his suspicions...


Robin Hull was a general practitioner near Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire before becoming a peripatetic academic teaching General Practice to medical students visiting all the continents and teaching on five of them. He has published several medical books and many articles in the medical press. He founded the General Practitioners Writers Association and for some years was its President. In addition he visited many of the islands of the West Coast of Scotland, sometimes teaching on courses, doing locums or just holidaying with a fishing rod, climbing boots and binoculars. He retired from medicine in 1991 to fish, to garden, to watch, and to write about, birds. His nonfiction titles include Scottish Birds: Culture and Tradition. Robin Hull died in 2020.

'There is nothing stereotyped about this novel. Life on the island of Laigersay, as seen through the eyes of Dr Robert Chalmers, is authentic all through and his patients, be they eccentric, tragic or heroic, never fail to entertain. ...
   'The author draws his characters frae aa airts. There's Luigi, ex-POW, who once worked on the famed Italian chapel on Orkney, Tetrabal Singh, who has moved from housekeeping for Dr Hamish to running his own restaurant, Thorfinn from Iceland and gutsy Glaswegian Betsy Smith ...
   'Robin Hull's experience as a doctor has given him case histories in plenty for his novels, but there is much more to Silver Sea ...
   'Not all characters are pleasant, but tragedy and cruelty are interwoven with humour ... a book which draws all threads together in a satisfying finale.'
-- Silvie Taylor, The Scots Magazine