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CoverMore Macgregor's Mixture

Forbes Macgregor

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also by Forbes Macgregor:

Clan Gregor
Greyfriars Bobby
Scots Proverbs and Rhymes
isbn 9780903065429 rrp 3.95 hardback illustrated 144 pages

'In view of the present state of the world, most people will agree that another large dose of Macgregor's Mixture is called for. The last dose has been greatly appreciated by thousands seeking relief from their fears and frustrations in a hearty laugh, a weird tale or a humorous account of unusual events, so here is an entirely new collection of miscellaneous accounts of that strange animal, Man, and also of other forms of life for your entertainment.'

-- thus starts Forbes Macgregor's Introduction to More Macgregor's Mixture.
It concludes --

'If the reader is a native Scot he will be struck by these authentic pictures of the diverse characteristics of the race; if he is a reader from outwith the country, this book may well be an eye-opener.'


Forbes Macgregor was born in Edinburgh in 1904. He was educated in the city and in 1937 gained an Honours BA at London University by private study. During the 1920s he was a scoutmaster in the Canongate, taking troops of boys hiking and camping all over Scotland.

In 1924 he started a teaching career which lasted for forty-one years and ended in 1965 when he retired as Headmaster of South Morningside Primary School.

He was the author of numerous books, including Greyfriars Bobby: The Real Story at Last, Scots Proverbs and Rhymes, Famous Scots, Macgregor's Mixture and More Macgregor's Mixture.

Forbes Macgregor died in 1991.