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CoverGolf Addicts to the Fore!

George Houghton

sample cartoons
isbn 9780903065535 rrp 3.95 paperback cartoons 128 pages

'Golf,' wrote George Houghton in his introduction to this book, 'is the right environment for jokes. "Not a bad pair of whippy shafts," said the cartoonist H. H. Harris, pointing at his pencil-thin legs exposed in his new pair of check plus-fours. That was on the first tee at Worthing and Harris was enjoying a laugh against himself. We all wished we had made the remark, even if it meant buying new plus-fours to get the attention.
    'The fantastic truth must be acknowledged. Golfers like being laughed at. Despite years of psychic probing no one has yet discovered why golfers revel in personal ridicule, while other sportsmen cringe with embarrassment. Let's face it, we are a race apart.
    'In this collection of cartoons, I derive my humour from wry comment or incidents which could only be seen on a golf course. Other than to dyed-in-the-wool players, my golf cartoons are meaningless. I try not to be frivolous because someone could always say, "You are laughing at something I love." '

This bookful of George Houghton's classic cartoons makes a great present for any golfer.


George Houghton was born in Perth in 1905. During the Second World War he served as a public relations officer with the RAF in North Africa. Among his books are one arising from those wartime experiences and a collection of tips for the amateur golfer (co-authored with Jessie Valentine), but his best-known publications were undoubtedly those in his hugely popular "Golf Addict" series. George Houghton died in 1993.

'Golf is fun. Laughs at the end of the day can act as healing balm on wounds made by missed putts. George Houghton has written and drawn on the lighter side of golf all over the world. Our off-guard comments and antics are crystallised. We are all there.'
--Tony Jacklin

'I have seen and heard most golf humour yet George Houghton comes up with new material time and time again. Superb and a must.'
--Peter Alliss

'In the game of golf, cartoonist Houghton has discovered laughs. I can't, only tears.'
--Bob Hope