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NOV 11Ghost Voices MagazineThe Weem Witch
Leonard Low's book The Weem Witch - reprinted this year - was reviewed by Ghost Voices Magazine.
22 NOV 11The Scottish SunThe Weem Witch
The Weem Witch was in a 3-page feature on author Leonard Low in The Scottish Sun newspaper.
29 SEP 11Times Educational Supplement ScotlandCrème de la Crème and Ties that Bind
Alasdair Roberts' books, Crème de la Crème and Ties that Bind, were the subject of an article by Raymond Ross in TESS.

'These books form an intriguing social history of Edinburgh, and their attraction for many will probably lie in the colourful details ... But their virtue lies elsewhere: in putting Edinburgh's unique tradition of fee-paying education in a social and historical context, thus inviting an informed and open debate.

'Under the comprehensive ethos, fee-paying schools are the elephant in the room which everyone can see but few educationalists will address. That may be a matter of ignorance, political disdain or inverted snobbery, but it is just plain daft. Recession or no recession, these schools are not going to wither away, and most certainly not in the city of Miss Jean Brodie.'
20 SEP 11National Library of ScotlandCrème de la Crème and Ties that Bind
Alasdair Roberts, author of Crème de la Crème and Ties that Bind, gave a talk on the subject of fee-paying schools of Edinburgh.
9 SEP 11Daily TelegraphThe Nebuly Coat
Describing his perfect weekend, Julian Fellowes said he was reading John Meade Falkner's The Nebuly Coat.
SEP 11Edinburgh LifeThe Weem Witch
Edinburgh Life magazine ran a feature on Leonard Low's book The Weem Witch.
15 JUN 11Leith FMThe Weem Witch
Radio Leith FM interviewed Leonard Low about his books, including The Weem Witch.
3 MAR 11East Fife MailThe Weem Witch
The East Fife Mail ran a feature on the recent reprint of Leonard Low's book The Weem Witch.
FEB 11Emily Barker and The Red Clay HaloThe Weem Witch
Inspired by the story of Janet Cornfoot, Emily Barker has written a song called Witch of Pittenweem, that is on the album Almanac.
JAN 11Our Town
Tain and Seaboard
At Our Age
Our Town magazine (delivered to 4,000 addresses with postcodes IV19 and IV20) ran a feature spread on James A. Simpson's latest book, At Our Age.
2 JAN 11Scotland on SundayCrème de la Crème
A feature on Muriel Spark entitled La Crème de la Crème which appeared in Scotland on Sunday quoted Alasdair Roberts, author of Crème de la Crème