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Steve Savage Publishers Ltd
2012Brethren Historical ReviewCollected Poems
Neil Dickson reviewed Robert Rendall's Collected Poems in the Brethren Historical Review.

'This has been a labour of persistence and love ... The editors are to be congratulated in bringing to a new public, not only a great Orcadian, but also one of the most remarkable individuals of the Open Brethren. His poetry will endure, and this volume again makes it accessible to a wider public.'
11 DEC 12Portobello Library
The Last Burrah Sahibs
Local author Max Scratchmann shared memories of his 1960s childhood in India, as featured in his travel memoir The Last Burrah Sahibs.
1 DEC 12Pop-up Christmas Bookshop
Town Hall
Steve Savage Publishers
Steve Savage Publishers were selling books at the pop-up Christmas bookshop in Tenterden.
3 NOV 12Grooves
Collected Poems
There were readings of Robert Rendall's poetry at Grooves record store to celebrate the publication of his Collected Poems.
NOV 12Scottish MemoriesThe Last Burrah Sahibs
Max Scratchmann wrote a feature article for Scottish Memories on his time in India to tie in with the publication of his new book The Last Burrah Sahibs.
30 OCT 12Press and JournalCollected Poems
Ron Ferguson wrote about Robert Rendall's Collected Poems in the Press and Journal.

'Neil Dickson wrote a fine book about Rendall, The Island Shore, but I have long felt that there was a need for a collection of his poetry. Well, this day has dawned. ... The book has been edited meticulously ... the handsomely produced volume'
20 OCT 12Bonnybridge Library
The Weem Witch
Author Leonard Low gave a talk in Bonnybridge Library about his book The Weem Witch.
11 OCT 12The OrcadianCollected Poems
Howie Firth reviewed our new edition of Robert Rendall's Collected Poems in The Orcadian.

'The editors of the Collected Poems have unearthed a treasure chest of material -- nearly three hundred pages of poems. ... The combination of John Flett Brown and Brian Murray for this work is ideal. ... The skills of both have come together elegantly in this book. ... Robert Rendall had the technical ability to choose the style that best suited what he wanted to say ... In short, he was not first and foremost a dialect poet. He was simply a poet -- a poet who could express himself superbly in dialect, but also equally well in a variety of other forms. ... It is a very significant book.'
Autumn 12Northwords NowCollected Poems
Pam Beasant reviewed our new edition of Robert Rendall's Collected Poems in Northwords Now.

'This new, and first, edition of Robert Rendall's Collected Poems, painstakingly compiled and edited by John Flett Brown and Brian Murray, is a huge and timely undertaking, and a crucial addition to Orkney's literary heritage ... Robert Rendall was a great appreciator with a tirelessly enquiring mind. His life and influence need to be remembered, and his poetry deserves to live, and be read and enjoyed by succeeding generations.'
6 SEP 12Orkney International Science Festival
St Magnus Church, Birsay
Collected Poems
An Orkney Night with Robert Rendall. Harvey Johnston compered an evening in Orkney Night concert format featuring the first performance of recently discovered humorous poems by Robert Rendall, along with traditional music, instrumental and vocal, from some of Orkney's finest performers.
Summer 12Scottish AffairsCrème de la Crème and Ties that Bind
Alasdair Roberts' books, Crème de la Crème and Ties that Bind, were reviewed by Lindsay Paterson in Scottish Affairs.

'These two volumes are valuable. Roberts is sympathetic but neutral, the stance that is appropriate to any authentic account of any social phenomenon. His approach in both books is thematic rather than institutional or developmental ... Roberts is thus rich and detailed on what he calls 'symbols and impressive occasions' -- the annual celebrations, the great sporting matches, the dramatical and musical activities, the moments of significant memory where an inspiring teacher shapes a child's character for life ... Roberts has given us an important account of the less intellectual aspect of the schools' lives, and thus has shown us something of why they command loyalty and how they instil it in their charges.'
28 JUN 12Leven Library
The Weem Witch
Author Leonard Low gave a talk in Leven Library about his book The Weem Witch.
2012Old Edinburgh ClubTies that Bind
Alasdair Roberts' book Ties that Bind was reviewed by Andrew Bell in The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club.

'Will be of great interest to anyone who has been to one of these schools, but beyond that will fill a gap in works of sociological history of Edinburgh ... This book is a pleasure to read. It is well produced and well illustrated ... It is elegantly written. Alasdair Roberts belongs to a generation taught to write carefully, succinctly and without cliché or affectation.'