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CoverRecipes from the Orkney Islands

edited by Eileen Wolfe
isbn 9781904246152 rrp 6.99 paperback 128 pages

This popular collection of recipes from the Orkney Islands was originally collected during the 1970s and many people contributed to the book. It includes all sorts of recipes - some traditional, some more modern; some complicated, some very simple; and some specially created for the book. As Eileen Wolfe said in her introduction, the aim was to give priority to

'original recipes with a distinctive Orkney flavour'.

Here are recipes for Orcadian oatmeal soup, Graemsay partan, Rousay shortbread, Grindlay muffins, Orkney trout crunch and Holm vegetable soup, not to mention puddings, preserves and a selection of drinks.

This new edition includes measurements in kilos and litres as well as the original pounds, ounces and pints.