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Authors A-Z by surname:
Botting, DouglasIsland of the Dragon's Blood
Brown, George MackayThe First Wash of Spring
Letters from Hamnavoe
Under Brinkie's Brae
Rockpools and Daffodils
Buchan, PeterBuchan Claik (joint author)
Collected Poems and Short Stories
Falkner, John MeadeThe Nebuly Coat
Ferguson, RonThe Reluctant Reformation of Clarence McGonigall
Harris, StuartThe Place Names of Edinburgh
Houghton, GeorgeGolf Addicts to the Fore!
Hull, RobinThe Healing Island
Silver Sea
Hume, CatherineComing Back to Life
Low, LeonardThe Battle of St Monans
Largo's Untold Stories
St Andrews' Untold Stories
The Weem Witch
Macdonald, DonaldLewis: A History of the Island
Macgregor, ForbesClan Gregor
Greyfriars Bobby - The Real Story at Last
More Macgregor's Mixture
Scots Proverbs and Rhymes
MacLennan, DonaldBlasad Gàidhlig (A Taste of Gaelic)
McNeill, F. MarianRecipes from Scotland
Mark, ColinGaelic Verbs - Systemised and Simplified
Michalska, KasiaA Scots-Polish Lexicon Leksykon szkocko-polski
Mosley, VictoriaCrazy Love
Muir, John G.The Best of Classroom Clangers
Murray, Rowena and BrianInterrogation of Silence - The Writings of George Mackay Brown
Rendall, RobertCollected Poems
Roberts, AlasdairCrème de la Crème
Ties that Bind
Savage, PeterLorimer and the Edinburgh Craft Designers
Scott, Andrew MurrayThe Big J
Scott, TomTales of King Robert the Bruce
Tales of Sir William Wallace
Scratchmann, MaxThe Last Burrah Sahibs
Simpson, James AAt Our Age
A Funny Way of Being Serious
Holy Wit
Laughter Lines
Life, Love and Laughter
The Magic of Words
More Holy Wit
Uncommon Sense
Toulmin, DavidBlown Seed
Buchan Claik (joint author)
Collected Short Stories
Watson, William JScottish Place-Name Papers
Weir, TomHighland Days
Weir's Way
Weir's World
Wolfe, EileenRecipes from the Orkney Islands (editor)
Wright, GordonOrkney from Old Photographs