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CoverBuchan Claik

The Saat an the Glaar o't

Peter Buchan and David Toulmin
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Collected Poems and Short Stories

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Collected Short Stories
Blown Seed
isbn 9780903065948 rrp 12.95 paperback 224 pages

This second enlarged edition of Buchan Claik combines the experience and writing talents of two of Aberdeenshire's best-known authors: ex-fisherman Peter Buchan (the Saat) and ex-farmworker David Toulmin (the Glaar) to produce a splendid hoard of words, sayings, proverbs, rhymes and reminiscences from the North-East of Scotland.

Although Buchan Claik is presented alphabetically, it is more than just a dictionary. These men had too much information on tap; too many stories up their sleeves; too many years discussing the land and the sea to be muzzled by the constraints a dictionary would apply. Given a free rein, they compiled a book which is a safe-deposit for an important part of our heritage.


Peter Buchan was born in Peterhead in 1917, the son of a fisherman. Educated at Peterhead Academy, he was off to sea on a fishing boat as soon as he left school at the age of sixteen and he spent most of his life amongst boats. In 1940 he married Agnes Cowe, a Peterhead quine.

After the war he started writing poems. A collection, Mount Pleasant, appeared in 1961 and reprinted six times. He then started to write short stories to portray the 'middle ground' in fisher life which had formerly been portrayed at the two extremes of either drunkenness or religious fanaticism and he found a large readership for his work at home and abroad. He broadcast regularly on radio and was interviewed several times on television. He was Vice-President of the Buchan Heritage Society from 1988-1990, then Patron until his death. He also edited five editions of the Society's magazine, Heirskip, from 1987-91.

Peter died on 12 December 1991 and is buried in Peterhead.

His Collected Poems and Short Stories were published in 1992.


David Toulmin is the pen-name of John Reid, who was born at Rathen in Buchan, Aberdeenshire, in 1913. His father was a farm worker, and at the age of fourteen, John left school to work on the farms as a 'fee'd loon'. He married in 1934.

An interest in writing which began in his schooldays developed into an absorbing hobby and in 1947 his first article was published in a local newspaper. Since then, he has had nine books published; a number of his short stories have been broadcast on the radio and he has made several appearances on television.

In 1986 he was awarded an Honorary Degree as Master of Letters (M. Litt.) by Aberdeen University for his services to Scottish literature.

In December 1992 he was incapacitated by a stroke which ended his writing career and on 13 May 1998 he died at his home in Aberdeen.

His Collected Short Stories were published in 1992.