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CoverA Funny Way of Being Serious

James A Simpson
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isbn 9781904246176 rrp 5.99 paperback 128 pages

James A. Simpson has produced another great collection of stories and anecdotes that amuse, illuminate and lift the spirits. Humour, he believes, can be a funny way of being serious. The best humour has a point. Dr Simpson has a real gift for picking stories that add something to life.

The royalties from this book will go to Cystic Fibrosis charities. From his books and speaking engagements, Dr Simpson has raised over 70,000 for Cystic Fibrosis research and support.


For 21 years Dr James A. Simpson was minister of Dornoch Cathedral in the Scottish Highlands. During his time there he not only served as captain of the Royal Dornoch Golf Club, but wrote many books, some of which, like Holy Wit and Life, Love and Laughter, topped Scottish bestseller charts. Dr Simpson is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers, at home and abroad. He is also much in demand as an after-dinner speaker.

In 1992 he was appointed chaplain to the Queen in Scotland. Two years later he was elected Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Dr Simpson has long believed that in any lecture, discussion or debate a little comic relief does no harm, no matter how serious the topic may be.

'Vintage Simpson -- humour, insight, spiritual impact and sacred comment'
-- Presbyterian Herald

'A glorious collection of stories, some to make you laugh, some to make you think, and most to make you do both at the same time. Short pieces that can be read in moments ... An ideal Gift book, that after the first or maybe the second reading, could well spend many years on a bathroom windowsill dispensing wisdom to anyone with time to linger.'
-- Mary Bartholomew, The GoodBookStall

'His latest book ... this most entertaining and amusing read'
-- Northern Times

'Many of the stories in the book will exercise our chuckle muscles'
-- Ross-shire Journal

'My reaction on reading Dr Simpson's latest anthology could best be described in a line from my well-known fellow actor, Will Shakespeare: "I did laugh sans intermission."'
-- Tom Fleming

'Dr Simpson is a man not only learned and humane, but one blessed with an irrepressible sense of humour. Absorb his humour and laugh.'
-- Rosamunde Pilcher

'Another tapestry of wit and wisdom from Dr Simpson, who lightens the human condition and penetrates its soul with laughter.'
-- Muriel Armstrong, Life and Work

'Not only do Dr Simpson's compassionate and humorous books add to the coffers of an excellent charity, they lift the spirits of all who read them.'
-- Ron Ferguson, The Herald

'I am a great fan of Dr Simpson's writings.'
-- Lord Carey