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CoverCollected Poems

Robert Rendall
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Doun at the P'lace

After Antiphilus of Byzantium

If aa' were as I would, and fate were kind, I'd hae the gift
O' vaigan roond wi' Jeems alang the tide-mark gathering drift,
I would on summer mornings, aff Skaehua, haal the creels,
Or fish for lythe; whiles taak the oars a bit, in easy speels:
And, evening come, I'd maak oot by the Brough in Willie's boat,
As I sae oft hae deun, lang syne, content tae be afloat:
Or as the streen, wi' some aald fisher stand, and fae a rock
Catch a few cuithes -- for I hae aye been blyde o' ord'nar' folk.