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Gordon Wright titles

Recipes from Scotland is one of the classic collections of Scottish favourite F. Marian McNeill.

Humour titles include John G. Muir's The Best of Classroom Clangers, a collection of George Houghton's golfing cartoons, Golf Addicts to the Fore! and Forbes Macgregor's More Macgregor's Mixture.

Also available is Forbes Macgregor's Scots Proverbs and Rhymes, a popular collection of hundreds of proverbs.

Tom Scott's Tales of King Robert the Bruce is a clear and very readable rendering of Barbour's Bruce in modern language.

Poetry is represented by Peter Buchan's Collected Poems and Short Stories, available in hardback.

Also available in paperback is Peter Buchan and David Toulmin's treasure chest of Buchan doric, Buchan Claik

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